First Update

Here's the two week update.  The short version:  I love this little laptop, though you can certainly get more bang for the same buck if you're willing to give up the size.

The Mini-Note is now my main machine. The MacBook has been in the shop for about a week now and the 2133 is doing everything I need it to do.  I pretty much never shut it down and suspend-to-ram with impunity.  I'm still using Ubuntu's Hardy and am still using the original 2.6.24-16 kernel.  The VGA port works great in clone mode.  I have it plugged into a Dell widescreen monitor when I do extending typing, it works fine.

The battery is still a solid 2 hours.  I've placed an order for a neoprene sleeve ($6.99 + $4 shipping on ebay) as I was told in no uncertain terms that the classy padded envelope I had been using simply wouldn't do.  I've also purchased a spare HP AC adapter.  It was $39 on-line, $49 at Computer Depot.

The 2133 is noticably bigger than the 7" Eee, but it's a far more capable machine.  The keyboard and screen resolution coupled with the 120GB drive continue to put it in a different league.  I'm still not sold on the very reflective screen, but such is life.

I haven't booted back into SLED since I installed Ubuntu.  I don't know what HP was thinking when they opted to ship the 2133 with Suse.  It certainly can't have helped the sales for the Linux version.

Oh, and about the more bang for the buck comment, I saw a Compaq Core 2 Duo/1GB/160GB/DVD-RW/15" screen for $549 at Future Shop.  So, same price as the 2133, probably same battery life, much better specs (and more than twice the size.)