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April 24, 2005

A-h-h-h House!

We spent all day Saturday cleaning our new house.§ Keith, Glen and Gail did a great job of getting up all of the important stuff, we were busy looking after the details.§ You know, cleaning the windows, giving the floors a good sweep and mop etc.§ It's already starting to feel like home.§ We also ate our first meal there:§ Take out from Gino's!§ Heck, the 'za was even free.§ I used up 15 chits that I've been collecting over the last two years. § Mmmmmm§ free pizza.

Today is a research day for Sarah but I'll be back over there again today.

I can't wait until we take ownership on the 29th.§ We'll be tearing up the carpet ASAP!