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A Feisty MacBook Update 2


Well, it was back to Feisty for me.  As of a week or two ago, Gutsy was still a bit too rough around the edges for a laptop.  (Suspend stopped working after a kernel patch.)  I reverted to Feisty a week ago and things are great again.  The new hard drive has arrived, and Gutsy is due in a week and a half, so I might try the upgrade again before I switch to the new drive.  (This will require a reinstall of Linux any way, so what the heck.)

Before I move to the new drive, I've backed up the MacBook and will play a while with the hfsplus support for the next week.  If read and write look solid, I'll likely leave most of the 250GB drive as HFSplus, if things seem flaky (which was the case when I last played with it a year or two ago) I will likely split the drive fairly evenly.

Anyway, a couple of useful tips:

  1. The volume control accidentally adjusts bass/treble.  This is a recurring problem.  A "fix" either breaks the first gen MacBook or the second gen MacBook.  *sigh*.  A workaround is to do the following:
    • System > Preferences > Sound and selected PCM to control via keyboard
  2. This was a week ago, but something I did broke the capslock LED.  (Odd, I know.)  Anyway, removing mouseemu fixed the problem.  mouseemu isn't needed anyway, as the synaptics driver does fancy things like allowing two-finger scrolling, second mouse button tapping and more.
  3. Monitor spanning.  Yeah, I haven't done that yet.  I'll post if I'm successful.  This ought to be simpler under Gutsy.