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Giving KDE a "Human" touch

I prefer Ubuntu's look and feel to Kubuntu. It's very clean. After over a year now, I still haven't grown tired of the browns. However, I still much prefer Konqueror, kwrite, kyle, koffice and kprinter. Esthetically, this results in a bit of a mishmash. Having used the Mac for the last few years, this bugs me more than it used to. Luckily, it isn't hard to make KDE apps blend with the Ubuntu desktop:

  • First, change to the Human icons
    • Alt-F2 kcontrol
    • Appearance & Themes -> Icons.
    • Select "Human" and apply.
  • Next, change the colour scheme. You can do this manually, one colour at a time, or you can download this.
    • Once downloaded, go to Appearances & Themes -> Colors -> Import Scheme...
    • Pick the file you've downloaded
    • Select "Human" under the list in "Color Schemes"
  • While you're in KControl, I would do the following:
    • Appearances & Themes -> Fonts -> Select "Use Anti-Aliased Fonts"
    • Peripherals -> Mouse -> Select "Double-click" under "Icons" (This one is quite subjective.)
There, much better.