More on the N800


Okay, the Nokia N800 is absolutely awesome.  I know it's very geeky, I know it's pretty niche, but I'm the niche!  That's never really happened to me before!

I've found another couple of indispensable items: 

1) OssoStatusbarCpu At first, I thought this was just for a CPU bar.  big deal.  But, it also double's as a useful, readable clock and shell script launcher!  When I click on it, I have two options at the moment:  Overtime and GetIP.  Overtime launches Gnumeric on a spreadsheet (something that the stupid file manager can't do... grr...) and GetIP is:

2) my first Hildon-ized python scrip that just shows the output from ifconfig.  Woohoo!  (Okay, the program is a glorified "Hello, World!"  You need to start somewhere.

3) Power settings.  The newest firmware with the N800 defaults to leaving Wifi on all the time.  Cool, but it kills the battery in less than a day.  Stupid.  So, people who think that the battery sucks should go to Tools -> Control Panel -> Connectivity.  I have mine set to no connect automatically and to kill the wlan after five minutes.  Much better.

4) Syncing with Evolution.  I'm also looking into Plaxo/Google Calendar/Erminig/GPE.  However, I don't like these things on-line.   Tinfoil hats!

5) Maemo Mapper.  Yeah, not new, I finally checked it out.  Very handy. Doesn't have Cornwall, Ont on the map.  (who could blame them.  ZING!)

6) Simple Launcher - Handy!  Lots of icons, little real-estate.  check it out.

7) MC!  For Bora!  The world's greatest file manager, to be sure.