Nokia IT OS 2008


The cat is out of the bag and my relatively new Nokia N800 is now running ITOS2008.

The new OS seems a bit faster, has a few nice new features, most importantly the improved Mozilla-based browser.  So far, I'm happy. There is still no new version of GPE and a few of the other Apps that I have come to know and love, but I have no doubt that these will come with time.

I'm writing this on Google Docs, which is reasonably fast on the N800 but is certainly faster on the EeePC.  I've checked YouTube, if you queue a movie up first it plays quite smoothly.  That's certainly an improvement over IT OS 2007.  (Not that this was particularly important to me.)

The new OS is far more finger-friendly.  Scrollbars are bigger, the lock option, which I use all of the time, is finally usable with your fingers, though you still have to be careful.  I'm not sure why they just don't make that full-screen.

Anyway, overall it seems like a nice update, though given how few applications there are at the moment, I may re-flash to 2007 for a few weeks.  (I still flipped back to the EeePC to post this.  What a great little laptop it is.)