The EeePC Arrives!


What a few weeks for interesting Linux-based devices!

The Asus EeePC arrived in Kingston on Halloween.  I bought one and am quite impressed.  I wrote a review of it here, and a decent (I think) bit about it in the InternetTabletTalk forums.

I'm typing this on the EeePC now.  It's an incredibly capable little laptop.  Very cool, very much worth what I paid for it.  ($399CDN on launch day.  I'd expect a price drop soon, just after Christmas at the latest.)

It's not running Ubuntu but it is running a Debian-based Linux (Xandros.)  The interface is quite good.  I have hit a few dialog boxes that are taller than 480 pixels (Thunderbird preferences and the print dialog for Adobe Reader to name two particularly big offenders.)  Despite some rough edges like these, this is a wonderful deal and a very capable computer. 

Because it's just a 900MHz small laptop, Flash, Java, Emacs, KDE, you name it just work as they would on a bigger device. If you're looking for an extremely portable computer, I don't see how you can lose with this thing.  It reportedly even runs Windows XP well.

Well done Asus!