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Subject: In Kos!

Date: 06/30/2007 12:41 PM

Hello all,

We arrived safely in Kos at 2:15PM (7:00AM your time.)

After a harrowing taxi ride to our hotel (Sarah's glad we're not renting a
car) we crashed for a few hours and are only now coming up for air. The
weather here so far is fantastic. 32C but theres's such a nice breeze
that we haven't even noticed it.

There are palm trees all around, everything is stucco and tile. Mom,
(Hall) you'd love it.

Our hotel is wonderful. We're changing rooms tomorrow night for one with
a view of the sea, but for the moment have a room with a balcony covered
with flowering plants. The people there have been extremely helpful.
We're about to go look for our first non-airport meal in a day and are
extremely excited about that.

Sarah's stomach/nerves have pretty much settled back to normal. (Hooray!)
So we have many great days ahead. There's a net cafe right around the
corner from our hotel (Pension Alexis) and it has great espresso, so Ben
will likely be sending out updates.

That's it for now,