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Subject: Second day in Kos

Date: 07/02/2007 06:39 AM

Hello all!

We have a few minutes to spare before Sarah and I take off to register at
her conference (after stopping in at the hot springs, of course.)

We had a lovely and relaxing day yesterday. We slept in before taking a
bus to the beach in Tagiki. It was gorgeous. The water was so clear and
really is turquoise. And _so_ salty. Sarah says that this made floating
easy. I didn't really notice, as we only went waist-deep in the water
because the waves were almost over our heads! It was very cool. The
constant breeze kept everyone nice and cool. It really was lovely.

After a few hours there, we had a quick lunch (I had feta baked in oil,
Sarah had a deep-fried cheese dish. Yum!) and then headed back to Kos
town for a nap before a night on the town.

We found a great Greek restaurant, had traditional meals, wine and baklava
with Greek coffee (very much like Turkish coffee... I think.) It was
fantastic. This was the first time Sarah has had wine in a while, so the
shopping and walk back after dinner were especially fun. ;-)

Okay, enough for now. We're taking off. We'll fire off another note in a
few days.


Ben and Sarah