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Subject: A quick greeting from Turkey!

Date:  07/06/2007 09:00 AM
Marhaba (hello) from Bodrum!

We arrived here from Kos this morning and it's been quite an experience
thus far!

Customs was busy but no problem, the prices here seem to be quite a bıt
lower on average, and the food so far ıs unbelievably good. More
impressive, however, have been the people. Sarah and İ had a quite
unexpected encounter at lunch when one of the local municipal police
befriended us. He and his wife talked with us over lunch and he insisted
on buying us a drink. İn fact, the restaurant also provided us with
delicious apple and Turkish teas on the house. Apparently this is the
tradition in Turkey - you always give your guests something. (A Muslim
tradition, as we vaguely recall from our Middle-East History class.)

At the end of our conversation, Emrah and his wife Havva gave us their
contact information and told us that we could call on them if we needed
anything during our stay. It was a very positive experience.

We'll be taking the bus tomorrow for Selçuk. We'll be there for a few
days before heading to Istanbul.

Our love,

Ben and Sarah