Benjamin M. Hall
190 Lees Ave. Apt 1602
Ottawa Ont. K1S 5L5


Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
Computer Science, Business Management Systems, 1997/2002

  • Honours GPA: 8.875, Cumulative GPA: 8.75
  • University: President's Scholarship (1997-98)

LaSalle Secondary School, Kingston, Ontario
Secondary School Diploma, 1997

  • Graduation: Ontario Scholar (1997)

Technical Skills

Programming Languages:C, C++, Smalltalk, Java, Perl, TK, HTML/XML, JavaScript, Tcl, Python, Assembly (x86), Unix Shell (tcsh and Bash)
Operating Systems:Unix (Solaris, BSD and Linux), Windows 2k,NT&9x, DOS, OS/2 (Basic), others
Software Packages:MS, Lotus, Corel Office, FrontPage, IIS, Netscape Servers, StarOffice, Apache, Postfix, Sendmail, MySQL (basic), vi, Emacs

Employment Eligibility

I am a Canadian citizen


CrossKeys Systems Inc. Engineering Services, Kanata, Ontario
Co-op Software Developer, May 2000 - Sept. 2000

  • Participated on a team with the primary goal of developing the companies internal computer infrastructure
  • Assisted in development and deployment of a problem tracking system using ClearQuest for Windows and Unix
  • Developed additions to a Cross-Platform packaging system for Unix machines using Perl and XML

Carleton University School of Computer Science, Ottawa, Ontario
Lab Teaching Assistant, Jan. 2000 - May 2000

  • Maintained and tested undergraduate computing labs
  • Assisted students regarding the use of the facilities
  • Programmed various system tasks and maintained Linux Image

Corel Corporation WordPerfect Quality Assurance, Ottawa, Ontario
Quality Assurance Specialist, Co-Op position, Sept. 1999 - Dec. 1999

  • Tested Writing Tools, XML, and Linux port of WordPerfect
  • Created DTD's and XML files for testing within various browsers (Example)
  • Created documentation, scripts, and small programs used throughout the corporation to aid Linux testing.

Queen's University Athletics (, Kingston, Ontario
Webmaster, May 1999 - Jan. 2000

  • Revamped entire athletics site, converting existing NT server intoLinux/Apache using SSI to ease site management
  • Worked remotely from Ottawa using e-mail, ssh and telnet
  • Created Graphics and layouts using Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, and The Gimp (Linux graphics program)
  • Generated all HTML files using non-WYSIWYG tools (vi, xemacs, and other standard editors)
  • Developed custom programs and scripts using Perl, Perl/Tk, and shell scripts to automate routine tasks

Carleton University School of Computer Science, Ottawa, Ontario
Co-op Position, May 1999 - September 1999

My duties at the School of Computer Science included creation of the Linux systems to be used by all undergraduates. As this is considered a hostile environment, a key goal of the design was security and stability.
  • Development of image for Undergaduate Linux Labs
  • System mainenance, Automation of administration of above lab using shell scripts and Linux networking tools
  • Creation of HTML help documentation for Linux Labs
  • Lab TA duties

Queen's University Physical and Health Education, Kingston, Ontario
Support Staff and Web Development /Summer Position, May 1998-August 1998

Working both on my own and as part of the support team, I accomplished the following:
  • Planned, assembled and deployed a Windows NT based undergraduate computer lab
  • Upgraded over 60 PC's throughout the department
  • Offered hardware, software and networking support and troub;eshooting for over a hundred people in the department
  • Improved and maintained Queen's University's School of Physical and Health Education web site.

Hall Electronics, Kingston, Ontario
Sales/Support, 1994-present

  • Sales and quotation responsibilities
  • On-site and telephone support for hardware and software needs of customers
  • Store web site development
  • Assembly and testing of systems with a variety of hardware and software configurations
  • Business and personal consultation

Extra-Curricular Activities

Volunteer WebMaster - Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Association(1999-2000)
Volunteer fund raiser - Canadian Cancer Society(1995-1997)
Fund raiser - Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation(1995-1997)
Volunteer fund raiser - MoonWalk (Cystic Fibrosis)(1996-1997)
Student Co-ordinator - Child Development Centre Computer Camp(1994-1995)

Career Objective

In the future, I hope to own a small business, perhaps offering complete computing solutions. I would like to offer customized hardware to best suit the individually taillored software systems developed by my company.

Additional Information

     Shortly after starting my education at Carleton, I was exposed to, and became intrigued with Linux and other Unix systems. I have been using Linux ever since, and have concentrated my free time to learning it and other Unix variants, including Solaris and FreeBSD. My focus has been on the networking capabilities that Unix provides. I have persisted and become proficient using remote computing tools such as telnet, ssh, and X Windows. I have also configured our home LAN server to provide many services, including basic file and print sharing, firewall, masquerading, gateway services, an Apache web server, and a multi-protocol mail server, offering POP3 and IMAP through either standard mail clients, or using a web front-end from anywhere in the world.
     My recent Co-Op placement at Carleton exposed me to the intricacies of Unix security. As the systems were to be utilized in a hostile environment (the undergraduate computing labs) the entire system needed to be designed with security in mind, as well as end-user flexibility, remote administration, and integration into an existing Solaris and NT network. Finally, HTML documentation had to be generated detailing the use of this system.


Available upon request